Team Race ranking list : how does it work?

This ranking list project will cover in fact four different ranking lists:
- One for countries
- One for clubs/teams (university ranking can be extracted)
- One for skippers
- One for sailors (crews and skipper in the same ranking list)

Before, the organizing authority needs to create an account (link in the home page). Then, after connection it will be possible to create an event and to choose the grade of this event.

So, the team racing sub-committee will validate, or change the grading request, according to some criteria available on the menu at the home page.

Now it is the time of the regatta.

First, if you participate to an event and you don t have a club/team ID or/and a sailor World Sailing ID, it is not a problem!

When you register yourself to the event, you give to the organizing authority the team ID or/and the sailors ID of all (or just few) sailors from your team. A team can have a team ID and no sailor ID, or a team can have not created this ID but all the sailors have a sailor ID. If two teams are coming from the same club, they will have the same team ID. If a team give a club/team ID to the organizing authority, it means that automatically, the team/sailors will score point for the country of a team. Each team is in a specific country. But if a team doesn t have an ID, the sailors can decide (but not mandatory) which country they will represent. Of course, only one country can be represented by a specific team. In this situation, the team and the sailors will score point for this country.

Before the event, the team needs to create this team/club ID, accessible from the main page and the sailors need to create their World Sailing ID, also accessible from the main page. They will give this information to the organizing authority. And it will be the organizing authority who will associate, only for this event, the team ID and the sailors ID. For the next event, a sailor can race for another team with a different team/club ID.

At the end of the race, the organizing authority will register all the team/club ID and the sailors ID (associated to the correct team). Then, the organizing authority will enter the finale result and the name of the chief umpire.

Then, the chief umpire will validate (or not) the result. At this moment, if validation, the result are correct and all the points will be scored for the three different ranking lists at the next calculation, each Tuesday.