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What is SAILCUP for live result ?

SAILCUP is the best way to manage your team racing event in 'live'!

Pairing lists are automatically generated, you just enter the final result of each race, and SAILCUP will provide the result and solve ties for you!!


  • Parents can follow the results of their kids from other countries! For the MOTR 2023, more than 19.000 views for this event!
  • No need of IT skill
  • Only a smartphone, tablet, laptop connected to internet on the race committee, and it is enough!
  • No more kids asking at the end of each race: who win???
  • Coaches will be informed after each race
  • Final rank is automatically updated
  • You have completed your round robin, and you want to do it again? Easy, just specify who many times you want to repeat it, and vaildate!
  • Ties are solved automatically!
  • After the last race of the day, the work is done for all the race committee team, no need to calculate everything!
  • Just enter the name of all your teams, create a round robin, or multiple round robins, and the pairing list will be generated automatically!
  • Pairing lists are available and optimized. Of course, you can create your own pairing.
  • Create pairing for a round robin with 20 teams, or knock-out for quarter finals.
  • You can even create a pairing list between two different racing areas, SAILCUP will manage the rotation of the different groups.
  • Coaches have access to lot of statistics to check all different combination of their teams.
  • Pairing lists are generated on pdf file, html format and of course on the web.
  • You can create pairing list for everybody, or pairing list with highlight to a specific team.
  • SAILCUP for team race result is available for 2vs2, 3vs3 and 4vs4.
  • and it is free !!!

When you create an event, SAILCUP will provide a QR code, so everybody can access to the website of your event!

Big events in the world are using SAILCUP from different countries :

  • MOTR at Monaco (since 2020) click here
  • Trofeo Rizzotti at Venezia click here
  • Optimist European Team Racing Championship click here
  • and many others...

Here a screen capture to show how to score the result of a race. Really easy, just need your smartphone and your finger!


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