Welcome to SAILCUP : the new way to manage your event results

If you are already familiar with SAILCUP

VIDEO: Tutorial videos to explain all different task to create and manage your own event!

Why to use SAILCUP to manage your team race event?

If you recognize yourself in any of these situations SAILCUP is for you!

SAILCUP for result is made with two main parts:

If you recognize yourself : go to http://www.sailcup.com/result/help/user_manage.html to learn how to create your event.

If you are curious or impatient, just have a look on this dummy event created to show you some possibilities of the SAILCUP. Have a look on the result for the round robin, quater final or otherhttps://www.sailcup.com/result/SAILCUP_DEMO.php

Here are some pictures of a team race event managed by SAILCUP

All the following pictures are screen shots from my smartphone!

As a coach, sailor, parent or media you can see the result of each match (easy now to see who is OCS...):

As a coach, sailor, parent, media, you can see the current result of the full round robin:

Other example:

For knock out series:

And you have everything on the same page:

As a race committee, you can enter your result in a real simple way by just clicking/touching your screen:

As a race committee, you have also all the opportunity to select a boat OCS, DNF or other options:

Soon it will be available for match racing and small fleet racing